Sunday, July 21, 2013

Thank you and How to get page notifications on Facebook

Thank You Sun Whisperers Community

We started our Sun Whisperers Facebook page just a few short months ago and already we are up to 700 likes and it's all organic! I first would like to take a moment to say thank you to all the people who have liked the page. So many great comments and posts, likes and shares. Love you! Even if you just enjoy the posts in your news feed, I feel your love.  But just in case you happen to have missed a few of the posts here is a little instruction on how to make sure you never miss a page post again! This is especially useful if you are effected directly by space weather like a lot of people are through their career, lifestyle or sensitivity.

How To get Page Notifications on Facebook 

In order to make sure you receive a notification for a Facebook Page, after you have liked a page, hover your pointer over the like button and a drop down menu will open. Click √ Get Notifications, √ Show in News Feed and √ Add to Interests Lists once you check Add to Interests Lists another drop down menu will appear and you can select an interest list you have already created or create a new list. Interest Lists will show up on the left margin on your Facebook News feed.

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