Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fox News Hype

What was Fox News talking about? 

In this report Fox New reports: YIKES! Chunk of Sun Headed Toward Earth at 2 Million Miles an Hour http://foxnewsinsider.com/2013/07/30/chunk-sun-headed-toward-earth-2-million-miles-hour

Latest unaltered images from SDO and NOAA We can see that different filters record different information. The dark areas on the green one from NOAA reveals less X-rays and the bright are more. These X-rays are the same as when you go to the doctors. See also in the side panel to the right The Sun Now latest images.

The Pink (211) filter above is the closest current image to the one below since I wanted to show the most recent image the most recent image from SOHO is several days ago. It is notoriously late
updating in that filter. The latest image from SOHO is from 7-26-2013 see the imbedded date in the lower left of the image.

Now lets look into the past way back to 7-18-2013, see below the now notorious "blowing chunk" image. More than likely the image wasn't even available to view until the 22nd and already old news.

The following images are what we reported on the Sun Whisperers Facebook Page on 7-17-2013 and 7-18-2013. Take careful note that in the other filter ranges the Sun is very much intact and remains so. We did have some concern back then what exactly was going to happen, we weren't sure if the space weather would be stronger that the time before.

Here is that same day in the SDO 171, 211, 193 composite image.


Now the same image from SDO just brightened so we can see there is not an actual hole in the sun.

Here is the link to the blog I did for the 17th Sun Whisperers - Learn about the Sun 07-17-2013

This image left, from NASA SDO they have overlaid the magnetic lines so we can see clearly the ones coming out of the coronal hole are open meaning not attached on both ends one end of the line reaches out into space and the energy of the sun is release in solar winds. The strength of these winds vary but they are much stronger when the lines are open and come from the coronal holes.

Here we have a different model of the magnetic lines, you can see some areas closed and some open. Lines from GONG and I have overlaid them on SDO's Composite.

 Here we are taking a look at SDO AIA 304 filter of the chromosphere. There is no hole in the chromoshpere because the wind is generated from the Corona The temperature of the corona is significantly different that the chomosphere and this filter is in the range of extreme ultra violet. No hole. No chunks. Hey but there is a beautiful prominence on the right (west) limb.

Now for the results and the answer to everyone's concerns and questions. What does space weather mean to me personally? How will it effect earth? So think back to the 17th 18th and 19th.....How did you feel those days. Check your diary. Start keeping one or a journal. Every good scientist or inventor has one, even if its your Facebook wall.

In the image below we have the Aurora forecast from Ovation and different version from Google Maps. This is an indication on how strong forecasters are/were predicting the storm to be. The green on the left and the yellow and red on the right give an indication on where the influx of solar energy in the form of charged particles also called protons and electrons will go and therefore auroras will be more visible. Also radiation, the kind you would wear a led vest to protect yourself from, is increased in the upper atmosphere and at higher elevations and that is important for the satellites, astronauts and pilots and flight crews over the northern and southern polar regions.

Finally we have the NOAA/GOES data plots showing this was not that strong of a storm and certainly never issued anything that could be called a chunk. There was a fluctuation that lasted about 9 to 12 hours. The real exciting, important and new worthy aspect of space weather, is having this data available on a moment by moment basis to track and correlate our own state of well being, just like we already do with the weather. I know for a fact now that I have been tracking it for 2 years, I can feel the flares, I can feel the magnetometer drop and I can feel the electrons when there is a sudden change either way. It is not at all surprising if you remember that we have magnetite in our ears and electricity courses though our bodies not to mention the nutrition we get directly from the rays. Stay tuned to Sun Whisperers blog and Facebook page for the latest updates and to learn more about Space Weather. We are children of the Sun and Earth. Peace!

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