The Yohkoh Mission is a Japanese Solar mission with US and UK collaborators. It was launched into Earth orbit in August of 1991 and provided valuable data about the Sun's corona and solar flares. The satellite carried four instruments - a Soft X-ray Telescope (SXT), a Hard X-ray Telescope (HXT), a Bragg Crystal Spectrometer (BCS), and a Wide Band Spectrometer (WBS).


This is the footage of the last images received from Yokoh

Yohkoh suffered a spacecraft failure in December 2001 that has put an end to this mission. During the solar eclipse of December 14th the spacecraft lost pointing and the batteries discharged. The spacecraft operators were unable to command the satellite to point toward the Sun.


 "Halloween" X45! of November 04, 2003 

The largest X-ray solar flare ever recorded (X28 - X45) happened on 11/04/2003, peaking in X-rays at 19:29 UT (2:29 EST). The eruption, from AR10486, was too bright for the SOHO/EIT instrument or the GOES X-ray monitors to measure exactly. Scientists published a detailed estimate of X45. This event is one for the history books. There was an associated CME clocked at over 2000 km/s but the region was on the west limb of the sun almost out of view. If it had been closer to disk center the event could have made a much larger impact to the already active 2+ weeks of space weather now called the "Halloween Storms". On October 28 the same active region produced the 3rd largest X-ray flare, X17.2. The Halloween storms, which happened a few years after solar maximum, are one of the more exciting and significant space weather episodes in history.  credit: ESA/NASA/SOHO/EIT"

Here is the X17.2

The video uses only Filter 195 and just applies special effects to shift the colors.

Comet ISON!


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