Sunday, August 11, 2013

Comparing Helioviewer to JHelioviewer

Comparing Helioviewer to JHelioviewer

We tried racing to see whether Helioviewer or Jhelioviewer is better.
They each have their pros and cons. Helioviewer is faster by far! Usually the problem with delay is if it's some great event it gets back logged. Jhelioviewer is much faster to get a motion glimpse of the scene but it takes some time to export the video and then you have to upload it to YouTube (or other video service) and fill in the description and tags etc and wait again. The helioviewer upload to YT option is click it and forget it. You can even give it a nice name.

You might still want to add some more tags but it's efficient. If you are going to edit several clips together. In Movie Maker or another software editing program and add music it is always better than YT editor because the YT music is non-commercial. You do have to make sure you have your licenses for the Music.

The real differences are in the quality.

Above is a quick little video from Helioviewer with parameters 3 hours and time selected as 30 sec.